Are the Patients Taking Over the Asylum?

When some amongst us are calling for more of the very things that have thrown our economy into chaos and put our social standing in the world at a lower level, one has to wonder if sanity has taken a prolonged holiday.

It ought to be obvious to even the most casual observer that people on the political fringe of conservatism who tear down everything about the Democrats, Obama, liberals, the EPA, Medicare, Social Security, etc. etc. ad nauseam, are doing so to assuage their anger as they also conceal the fact that they really have nothing to offer that will effectively deal with the economic morass we now face as a nation.  They have no real jobs plan and in fact are quite comfortable with the one reality they recognize that only the very wealthy are content with the status quo.

So what is this anger they vent through their diatribes against anything left of Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh?  That too becomes apparent when we focus in on where this anger started.  The Tea Party types in legislatures and the media hold to the ideological belief that “free-markets” will save us all without any assistance from government.  This philosophical belief is held in as high regard as people of deep faith most certainly believe there is a God in heaven and they will join him when they die.  You cannot logically and calmly dislodge this notion from such people no matter how hard you try.  It is ingrained so deep that only a personal epiphany of theirs will shed a light on such a view that may alter what they have held so near and dear for so long.

Even in face of contradictory evidence people of faith both in unseen deities and invisible hands of the market will remain steadfast until they can rationalize, in their minds at least, why this contradiction occurred.  Their must be a plausible answer that will convince them that not only is their some meaning behind the reality that challenges their beliefs but that their must also be someone to blame for that which threatens their intransigent views.  As we well know, for Christians it is always the devil.  For free-market zealots, it is socialism or some derivative thereof; i.e. liberalism, communism, feminism or any other ism that suits your vegetable social soup.

Thus, when the holy grail of capitalism imploded in 2008 under the guidance of George Bush and the GOP with their adamant support for unregulated markets, it must have appeared that the sky was falling to these devotees of Ayn Rand faith as it became necessary to concede that government bailouts were in fact needed if the economy was to avoid total collapse.

I am no psychologist so what I am fixing to say has no medical authority but basic concepts of sociopathic states of denial appear obvious with those people who saw their economic concept of the world fall apart a couple of years ago.  Like those who suffer the pathological disease of a sociopath they’ve lost a certain amount of their conscience along with an absence of selected feelings of guilt or remorse.  Other than their own tight group they seriously restrict a sense of concern for the well-being of strangers, friends and even some family members.

The shock of the free-market failure in 2008 was so deep that most of the adherents of this philosophy went into denial and have not yet returned to the reality of this world.  As a result they have blocked out the failures of unregulated markets that caused the economic collapse where we have seen millions of hard-working families lose their home, jobs and health care coverage.  Their sense of empathy for the fate of these people is replaced with a contempt that portrays these victims as dead beats and weaklings, unwilling to do what it takes to survive.

They voice their vindictive fashion in the form of one of my nemesis in the “Letters to the Editor” column here in our local newspaper.  I print her recent contribution here to serve as an example of the hyperbole and utter disregard for shared responsibility that has brought our nation to a new economic low.  Part of her pathology and an apparent crutch to allow her to exist in a fantasy world is the creation of a fictional character she calls “Bubba”.

Bubba called. Said Americans bemoaning cutting government entitlement programs need to read David Limbaugh’s column in the Washington Times (July 25).

Limbaugh wrote: “Our current entitlement programs are unsustainable and Obama is not interested in even trying to balance the budget or trim any programs. Obama fundamentally rejects the American ideals of economic liberty and equality of opportunity.”

Bubba wants to know what happens when our nation is broke and none of these “wonderful liberal programs” can be funded. Riots? Oh, yeah; we’ve already had some of those in Wisconsin with their teacher unions.

One of Denton’s resident Sierra Club environmentalists (letters, Aug. 19) is demeaning the possibility of funding cuts to the EPA — the same agency out to shut down America’s energy production and drastically raise the cost of gas, electricity, food, etc.

The EPA has been allowed to become a law unto itself. That must stop. Kinda reminds Bubba of the ATF gun-running scheme, “Fast and Furious,” an out-of-control idea that was to bring more gun control to American gun owners by the Obama administration.

Where is the oversight that would prevent these agencies from running amok and acting like tinhorn dictators? Are they getting their marching orders from the Obama administration? You bet they are.

Bubba said the article by U.S. Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ill., in the Washington Times (Aug. 15) is a must-read. Burton said Obama is right on track in his plans for turning America into a socialist country.

The alarmist language punctuates nearly every line of her letter.  Her references to David Limbaugh and Congressman Dan Burton are at those fringes I mentioned within legislatures and the media.  There is the inherent belief that somehow we have not lived effectively and prospered with some government regulation during our history and that only now, after the free-markets were manipulated by a greedy powerful few that ruined it for millions do we see these over sight efforts to prevent future abuses as a threat to our traditional way of life; a life as mentioned that only a lover of the status quo would approve of.

free market icons Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman

Some of those who suffer this disease are perhaps ready to accuse me of being a communists or some other form of anti-capitalist.  That would be the exaggeration one would expect of them.  I am pro-free markets but it just needs to be said that we should never put all of our eggs in one basket.  There are those corruptible people in any system that drag it down to harmful levels.  Nothing, and I mean nothing is so sacrosanct that we should allow it to cancel out everything else.

Obama had the misfortune of inheriting the failures of the laissez-faire crowd and tax cut fanatics and now must contend with those who have conveniently laid their disaster at his feet, claiming as Pilate did that they are innocent and absolving themselves of responsibility.  It is a social disease these people suffer but like many who are afflicted are unable to recognize it without proper and long-term therapy.  Ironically though that is something they may never receive because they have called for cuts to programs that serve the mental illnesses in this nation, which theirs is just one of.  Does the sentiment which expresses that the patients have taken over the asylum seem appropriate here?

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody.  You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police-forces and fire-forces that the rest of us paid for.  [K]eep a big hunk of it.  But part of the underlying social contract is, you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”  Elizabeth Warren, Senate candidate for Massachusetts

16 responses to “Are the Patients Taking Over the Asylum?

  1. This is a very appropriate sentiment. I feel that each day, the asylum gets bigger and more patients are admitted. It’s a bit scary. When you ask these people about the financial crisis, they place it all on Obama. They relieve Bush of all blame. I don’t understand their thinking or logic. They believe that everything was fine until Obama came into office. What would have been a minor glitch has turned into a major recession because of the Democrats and their desire to spend and support people who refuse to support themselves. This is bonkers crazy

  2. They have no real jobs plan and in fact are quite comfortable with the one reality they recognize that only the very wealthy are content with the status quo.

    I don’t believe that’s an accurate statement, Larry. The Right most certainly has a job plan and it’s called Make President Obama A One-Term President. At least, that’s what they tell people listening in on their debates. Getting rid of Obama is the only hope for this country, they say.

    We both know that’s utter foolishness, but that’s the Republican story and their sticking to it. They’ll get in the way of any Obama plan that has even a modest chance of improving this economy, because an improving economy is good for Obama. They’ll continue doing it unless the American people get wise and then the jig is up.

    • “They’ll get in the way of any Obama plan that has even a modest chance of improving this economy, because an improving economy is good for Obama.”

      That seems to be apparent Terrance as lobotero demonstrated in one of his recent posts about how House and Senate Republicans are asking Fed Chair Ben Bernake to cease and desist on any efforts to stimulate the economy through his efforts with the bond market.

  3. Exactly, Terrance. The Right is so distracted by their single-minded mission they can’t put a jobs plan together. Their plan is to get rid of Obama, dominate both houses, and then magically the U.S. will return to economic strength. I hope people get wise, but it’s a fine tradition of blaming the sitting prez for a bad economy.

  4. We’re doomed….I fear a perfect storm is brewing that will enable the ring-wing to take over this country and run it into a third world country.

    • I don’t see that occurring Hansi but I do see forward progress being detained and people suffering needlessly because of this obstinance of very vocal but misguided people. We don’t seem to muster the social conscience in this country as they do in other global communities to get out in the streets and make the representatives serve their constituents instead of the special corporate special interests.

  5. I’ve heard right-wing pundits say that the mortgage meltdown was because Liberal policies forcing people to lend to people who couldn’t pay the loan back. Of course, they point to minorities.

    They have run the asylum for a while now.

    And to them, Elizabeth Warren is the anti Christ. Even if that last quote of hers is true. I’ve heard some of them. They hate her with the fire of a thousand suns.

  6. Lobotero, David Limbaugh is Rush Limbaugh’s brother. Currently, he is a lawyer, has a blog, and writes books from a conservative viewpoint.

    Spinny Liberal, nice figurative language: “They hate her with the fire of a thousand suns.”

    Larry, the Elizabeth Warren quote is superb. Well chosen!

  7. Larry,
    I found you… and this does seem like a more appropriate places to flesh out your thoughts, get read and reacted to than the ill-paid and perpetually glitched YCN/AC.
    Now that I have come across your blog, I will be checking in from time to time… as you know, I am one of the choir!
    Bets of luck with this.

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