On This Day in History – January 15th

1870 – The donkey was first used as symbol of the Democratic Party in Harper’s Weekly.  




1964 – Teamsters negotiate 1st national labor contract   





1973 – Last airing of the hit TV Western series, ‘Bonanza”   





2008 – The FDA determines that cloned pigs, cattle and goats and their offspring are safe to eat and require no labels informing consumers that that packaged hamburger is derived from cloned animals.






2011 – Woodgate’s View published it’s first post, Gabbi Giffords’ Recovery: A Metaphor for the Nation  

Little is known about the historical events I have listed above so by adding my blog’s inaugural with the others, I think it’s safe to say I am likely to suffer the same fate.  But it’s clear that I have had a lot on my mind after publishing 262 posts since then.

My political views haven’t attracted that many readers and of the nearly 41,000 page views since kicking this site off, my highest count day of June 6th, 2011 with 976 hits was the result of an article I did that had a picture of Anthony Weiner with his wife.  We all know what was going on with former Congressman Weiner back then.

Two of the most enduring pieces of mine that see hits every week and most days of the year are the tribute to George Harrison and “My Picks for the Best Native American Movies”.

But if I were really looking for fame and fortune as a blogger I would be digging up sleaze like Andrew Breitbart and cramming every ad I could get onto my blog’s homepage.  Or even more banal, something along the lines of the 5th most visited blog on-line, Perezhilton.com which is all about celebrity and those who live vicariously through them .  Poor Andy, he didn’t even rate among the top 50 political blogs cited on a right-wing website.

Thanks to all of you who have faithfully followed me over this last year.  Your comments and your own blogs have richly rewarded and encouraged me; giving me a community that allows me to share thoughts that can only be conveyed intelligibly in the written form.  Otherwise they would remain in a state of chaos in my sensory overloaded brain.

17 responses to “On This Day in History – January 15th

  1. So glad you’re compelled to write. You help me to clarify my own thoughts when I compare and contrast ideas with your entries. Congratulations on a year’s postings.

    • Thanks Joan. I really appreciate your hearing what I have to say and providing input. Let’s me know I’m not out there rattling around like a bean in a jar.

  2. Keep writing, Larry, you have a loyal following. To me, in the blogging world, it’s quality, not quantity. Happy anniversary! Looking forward to many more.

  3. Congratulations on a year of blogging. Seems like you’re enjoying it, I know I am. Hey your views have attracted me, and I read them daily. Thing is they are so well written, researched and insightful that often times I have little to add and leave no comment.
    I wouldn’t worry about stats and all that crap. My highest views are consistently on parody posts about TriPhoria ( a female vibrator) and the Genie Bra. So guess what’s what’s on most folks minds.

  4. I read your blog every day. It is refreshing to read such eloquent and well thought out opinions. Of course, it also helps to agree with a voice of sanity, especially in Texas. I hope you continue to write, providing not also your views but the well researched background about them. Thank you.

  5. It is quite clear that I must add you to my list of reads. Very well done. I do believe we think much alike. Brief sandbars of sanity in a sea of crazy

  6. ha! a whole year! I think I posted comments on blogs about a year or so before I actually began one. Im am still not sure why I started one… and if I think about it too much… why gosh, it hurts and then I have to go get a beer to feel better. Have fun in year 2… and remember blogging and beer DO go well together!

  7. I’m happy to have found this blog, Larry. We may not have always got along, but I’ve learned quite a bit from you and others and I hope to learn much more. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Terrance. I think it’s a credit to both of us that we have worked through our differences and can now share some similar views while having open, honest conversations about anything we view differently.

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