Sunday Political Humor

Another @#%&*^#% RINO?

When running for political office, rule #1 is “Know Thy Constituents”.  In Red state Texas, where Denton County is, Republicans always garner between 55% and 60% of the vote, simply because they are the Republican candidate.  Those who cast votes do so as a protest vote aimed at the other party rather than as an affirmation of one’s “expertise” to seek a particular office.

All this being said, what has this candidate done to hurt her efforts with her choice of signs?  Hint:  In the spirit of Sesame Street, what pronoun of the top three here doesn’t go with the other two?

TeaParty mentalities, being as narrowly focused as they are, may get more transfixed on the name of the candidate rather than the fact that she is the declared “Republican” in this race.  The name “Michelle” evokes the image of President Obama’s wife and the candidate’s surname reminds them of a culture who TeaPartiers most despise, n’est pas?

And using only blue with no red?  What was she thinking?  She may have been acting on the impulse to reach out across the partisan political divide but at the very least she will be seen by the fringe element within the GOP as a RINO (Republican in name only)

3 responses to “Sunday Political Humor

  1. Geez, just looking at the sign without the commentary is not that funny….but I see where you are going and yes…..she should have done a little research in to sign colors and more design…

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