Saturday Humor

If Money’s No Obstacle, Have I Got a Peanut Butter Shake For You


There’s an original eatery in the small city of Denton, Texas north of Dallas that many have referred to as “a 50’s style drive up burger joint” called Mr. Frosty.  It is a 50’s style restaurant, not as a nostalgic design replication by some contemporary firm but because it’s appears now just as it did when it opened in the 1950’s.  The exterior and interior have been kept up for all of these years but you can see the wear and tear is there, which in a quaint old way, gives it some character.   How else would you be able to explain why this place still draws crowds nearly everyday it’s open, even after a new Sonic® was built less than 200 yards away just a few short years ago?

It’s likely this restaurant was built about the same time the Interstate Highway System began construction under Eisenhower, running Interstate 35 one short block from Mr. Frosty.  It had to be one of only a few buildings at the time and this area was not quite so seedy as it is now, with pawn shops and Christian soup & salvation kitchens mixed in with small mom and pop businesses that are housed in rough looking buildings that probably struggle to pass the city codes’ minimum standards for occupation.

That being said, you would only imagine that their food is so remarkable that the locale is not a distractive factor for Mr Frosty patron’s.  But who are their patrons?  You might think that it would only appeal more to the blue collar, trucker crowd with their moderate means of income.  But one look at the price of a Frosty’s favorite will dispel that notion pretty quick.


Then again, Mr Frosty has been around so long that it may have preceded the use of the decimal point

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