9 responses to “Can I Sell You Some Cheap Ocean Front Property in Yuma?

  1. A wise warning to one and all! People need to wake the f…up, cause if they don’t now, most of the Gen Xers are gonna have a rude awakening when they get old.

    • Real Gen-Xers pretty much gave up the idea of collecting social security/medicare by the time they were in their mid-20s.

      • I know and this is disappointing Sedate. That’s I am talking this up with as many gen-exers as I can, which both of children are. This post is an attempt to reach many more hopefully. I wrote something similar to this about a month ago and will continue to promote this view as often as I can, as we all should who want to see this trust fund outlive us, our children and beyond.

  2. People hate Obama so much that they are willing to believe the hype without any research……you would think that we Americans have been lied to for over 200 years that we would be a bit suspicious of politicians….but yet we fall for the crap every time….go figure…

  3. Excellent piece from a 1st person perspective, Woodgate. It really shows the potential for personal disaster for the “too old to find a job & not quite old enough to be covered” demographic. Here’s hoping you don’t get sick between now & then (or ever).

    Now for a Canadian perspective. Canada, my home on native land, has a Medicare program too. It’s point of entry is not age 65 though. It kicks in at birth. Medicare is a right of Canadian citizenship. Some highlights include:

    – no deductibles, no pre-existing conditions, no lifetime coverage limits, no random rejections by douche-bag private insurers…because the whole thing is single payer government run insurance.

    -no HMO telling you what docs/hospitals you can/can’t use because they’re all in the same program.

    – It will never “become insolvent” because it’s funded with tax money. It’s as solid as the government.

    – If you don’t like the service, America’s health care system will treat you just like an American.

    It ain’t perfect and it means higher taxes. But Canada spends a lot less on health care than America does and you never have to fear losing everything to pay for an illness.

    It’s incredibly liberating (and stress reducing) to know all you have to worry about is getting healthy. It also frees up your “medical emergency” fund. It also takes a lot of stress off employers. All you got to do is provide dental, drugs, private rooms and other secondary benefits, or not.

    It’s absolutely astounding to the average Canadian the amount of personal & financial risk you Americans have to endure to get what we get for free as a right of citizenship. Even more astounding is how the penny-ante improvements of Romneycare Obamacare can be considered “radical socialism” and a “government takeover” of health care and that the level of anger causes riots.

    Aside from some additional lower income folks being shuffled into Medicaid, the government has nothing to do with this. It’s all still 100% private insurance for private docs in private hospitals.

    Total tragi-comedy.

    • “It ain’t perfect and it means higher taxes. But Canada spends a lot less on health care than America does and you never have to fear losing everything to pay for an illness.”

      Thanks for this sedate. It’s amazing how this fact gets lost on those in America who oppose a universal health care system. The thought of paying higher taxes for this makes their head want to explode but they simply can’t grasp that the bottom line is cheaper than what they are paying now in smaller tax rates and private health care costs combined out of their own pocket.

      this is do in large part to the anti-goverment mentality put out their by Libertarians and enthusiastically supported by special corporate interests.

  4. quite simply the only people who like Romney/Ryan screw you health plan are libertarians who just don’t think government owes its citizens anything much, and wall street investors who can’t wait to get their hands on all that money to chew on. You are right, the only people who do well in the stockmarket are those who already are rich and can afford to have experts manage their funds.

  5. At the risk of babbling on, (who me??) I’ve got to touch on what an utter nasty, deceptive, inhumane idea vouchers are.

    Just like the idea of “school vouchers”, it’s meant to sound like you have more control. Except you won’t. What you’ll probably have is more hassle as the government muscle is taken out of the equation and it becomes you vs the system.

    It’s made to sound like it’s going to the cost government less without costing anybody money. Unfortunately, it can’t do both. If those vouchers cover all the cost, where’s the savings? The vouchers will ultimately only save money by imposing what amounts to a cap on everyone’s insurance. Beyond that, you gotta pay everything.

    Bottom line is that seniors living on modest fixed incomes are just going to start dropping dead because they can’t afford the care and are too weak to “shake it off” like they did in their 20s.

    As for Social Security, I think some enterprising politician should link increased & easier immigration to keeping it afloat under the demographic stress of the Boomers. “Make the Mexicans pay” has a nice bi-partisan ring to it. As they tend to be under 40, they’ll be paying in for a long time.

    On the whole, despite their lies and carefully crafted deceptions to hide the real costs, the FUNDAMENTAL FACT is that only the better off will be better off with Romney and the Republicans. The sick, the elderly and the poor and even middle class will be paying for it for the rest of (or even with) their lives.

  6. ya, what Sedate said….//“too old to find a job & not quite old enough to be covered”

    fits me to a TTTTTTT…… I have a small pension…. that, if I touch it now…. is practically worthless. I am trying, desparately, to figure out how to get by for a couple of more years. I would rob a bank…. but the Romney-ites have left them penniless.

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