Will the Following People Take a Bow For the Election Outcomes

Just a few words of gratitude to a few people you may never have thought had a hand in making the recent victories in this 2012 election possible.  


Thank You Todd Akin of Missouri and Richard Mourdock of Indiana for allowing the Democrats to take away your Senate opportunities.  By exposing your neanderthal views of women the Democrats have held onto the Majority in the upper house.

Thank You FOX News for scaring everyone so bad with fantastical bullshit that even the people who voted for Obama in 2008 but were thinking about sitting this one out felt they needed to give the President one more chance.

Thanks to the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and the 30 other billionaires that gave so generously to their billionaire candidate.  We now know that money really is no object to you and therefore feel no guilt for supporting a decision to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for your income class.

Thanks to the CEOs for Murray Energy, Koch Industries, ASG Software and Westgate Resorts that put pressure on their employees to vote for Mitt Romney.   Threatening workers like this always brings out the best in people who don’t like to be told what to do.  I can only imagine how many more people who were not thinking of voting changed their mind when they got wind of this plutocratic threat.

To those elderly voters in Florida that voted their personal pocket books rather than support the majority of elder citizens who rely on Social Security and Medicare to survive, THANK GOD you were a small minority.  At this time we are still waiting for Florida to swing into the president’s camp but if it doesn’t by only a small margin, then you know who you are.

Victims of Superstorm Sandy wait in line to apply for recovery assistance at a FEMA processing center Friday on New York’s Coney Island. The agency has been praised for its response to the storm.

And finally, on a more serious note, a special thanks to those people on the East coast who lost their homes, along with days and weeks of downtime from their jobs but still managed to take time to make their voice heard in support of someone who knows  how effective the power of government (FEMA) can be in such tragic circumstances.  Thank you too for those volunteers that went out of their way to accommodate those voters by using any and every means they had at their disposal to insure the will of the people was not silenced by an angry lady named Sandy.

Without the efforts of people like these we might all be looking at the next 4 years where the plutocrats in this country gain even greater hold of the political power than they currently do.  The defeats of many in the GOP have stymied this drive for the time being, but the battle still continues because the assaults will never stop.

Get involved. It’s your future.

I would now encourage each and everyone who had a direct hand in bringing this victory about to NOT stop here.  The workings of democracy do not stop at the ballot box.  The president himself has fallen short on many critical issues like climate change, closing GITMO and addressing the easy access to assault weapons that are part of the American mass suicide tragedies we have all been affected by, just  to name a few.  Change in these and other areas are more likely to occur on the local and state level.   The character of politics is really unchanged in Washington, so it will require boots-on-the ground efforts in your communities to show the national leaders what it is the people really want, not the corporate, financial interests on Wall Street.

Get involved.  You are neither too old or too young to make things happen.  All any of us really lacks to make change happen where it is needed is simply the will to do so.  That doesn’t come from being wealthy or well-bred.  It comes from within.  It’s free and it’s there as a part of your makeup.  Look at it as you will – an innate natural ability or a gift from your creator – but don’t think only others possess it.  The others who do make an impact in this world have discovered this gift; not those who refuse to see it.

23 responses to “Will the Following People Take a Bow For the Election Outcomes

  1. I wonder if the people who lost their million dollar vacation homes will take FEMA money. They are so against fed. government spending maybe they will sit out the assistance.

  2. I’d like to thank Mit Romney for knowing that he did not need to release more of his tax returns. Of course, some thought that decision was arrogant, condescending, and possibly necessary to cover up a lack of ethics that they didn’t want in their President.

  3. You summed it up well. I think the difference in votes between the 2 candidates CAN be largely attributed to the bombardment of bullshit by Republicans. (the over-hyped primaries, rape comments, delusional Obama conspiracies, bad math, Romney’s etch-a-sketching away everything he n/ever stood for just to win) I think it did scare lots of Democrats who would have otherwise stayed home into voting.

    Speaking of which, why the hell does America, the self-proclaimed creator and patent holder of democracy, force its citizens to line up for hours to vote??? In every election now, countless thousands stand in line for 3-6 hours! Do you guys have one voting booth per state? And it’s not like more than 50% bother to vote. Imagine if everybody turned up. The lines would 12 hours long. Absolutely inexcusable!

    Up here, in the frozen tundra of the Great White North, we primitive socialists never have to wait in line for more than five minutes to make an X in moose blood on our beaver-tail ballot and toss it on the pile in front of the candidate of our choice.

    This Presidential election lasted about two years, cost at least $6 billion dollars and was a non-stop avalanche of ads, lies, hostility and bullshit. And what did you guys get for it? Uh, damn near EXACTLY what you had before it started.

    • “Speaking of which, why the hell does America, the self-proclaimed creator and patent holder of democracy, force its citizens to line up for hours to vote??? In every election now, countless thousands stand in line for 3-6 hours”

      I think we owe things like this to GOP elected officials who tend to undermine those voting districts that are predominantly Democratic. Ain’t it funny how the Party that wants to accuse Democrats of voter fraud seem always engaged in it themselves by other devious means?

      • Yeah, those around-the-block lines in Miami-Dade made that perfectly obvious. There’s been Republican Governors since before 2000(?) and in the most Democratic county in Florida -SURPRISE!- the longest lines in the country.

        In Canada, elections are run nationally by a non-partisan agency. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_Canada

        No state officials. No corrupt Hazzard County officials. No motive to do anything but efficiently run an election using the same methods and procedures from coast to coast..

        Give it a try, America.

  4. well said. I must confess I almost choked when Mitt gave his bye speech. He mentioned all the fine characteristics of Americans, starting out with honesty. Amazed he didn’t choke on that. I do know one thing. Obama’s stategists, deserve the equivalent of a nobel prize in working out this win. It’s breathtaking how perfect it was.

    • Didn’t waste my time with either Romney or Obama’s post election speeches. Romney’s would have been insincere and I am familiar enough with the President now to know what he can do and what he hasn’t done. Actions speak louder than words and I aim to help the President fulfill that hope he gave us all back in 2008.

      Always look forward to your comments Sherry. Here and on your own blog.

  5. Love this post. Yes. Get involved, people. I plan on it now more than ever. We have to stay vigilant and demand action. We have to demand that our elected officials stop obstructing and start thinking about the good of the nation. We will not get what we deserve if we stay silent. Already, people like Glenn Beck are spouting nonsense and doom. We need to shut him and the others like him down with voices of progress and hope. We don’t have to get the democracy we’ve had in the last four years. Demand truth.

    • You’re right Jean. The fight doesn’t stop here. We need to support policies that benefit all Americans. Not just those at the very top, hoping that what they profit from will trickle down to the rest of us. Gloom and doom are indeed being predicted by the corporate mouth pieces like Glenn Beck unless we adhere to the will of people like the Koch brothers, Wall Street CEOs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Petroleum Institute. They continue to use the whip of fear and hatred to keep people subjected to low wages, costly health care and dangling their employees’ jobs over their head if they utter anything that speaks to the criminality of financial dealings that led to wiping out many people’s retirement savings.

      • I think Glenn Beck might actually have lost his marbles this time for real. I’ve read some of what he’s saying since Obama won and he sounds like a mad man. I would think that most people are backing away, but I know of a few that I swear must be clinging to his every word. I hear them say things and then I see Beck’s comments and I know exactly where they’re getting that idiocy from. It’s scary.

      • “I think Glenn Beck might actually have lost his marbles this time for real.”

        You thought he had some modicum of sanity before? Sociopaths like Beck are good at concealing their “mad” persona to a certain point but when they really feel threatened it all comes out, as it is now.

      • You’re right – he never had a bit of sanity before. Really, I have to wonder if the psychologists out there are seeing something that usually warrants a trip to an institution. I also wonder if the producers sit and talk about how crazy Beck is and plan for his eventual full breakdown.

    • Yes. If what dejected right-wing supporters of Romney are now clinging to is true, in light of their defeat, then God must be “in control”. So in the words of John Lennon, we should all “Let it be, let it be”

  6. Larry, as usual an excellent post…….I am just trying to sort out what will be in DC……there are several ways we can go………I am afraid that it will not be pleasant at first…..

  7. I definitely thank the ones in blatant voter suppression states like FL who stood in line for hours! Could the GOP be any more obvious about their tactics? But it didn’t work. And neither did the money the billionaires invested like you stated. Probably one of their worst ROI! 😆 Yay Obama!!

    • Yes, I was reading an article where the biggest giver was casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson who gave about $53 million and it was estimated that he got about a 1% ROI. What a waste.

  8. I would also like to thank….get this…Chris Christie… for displaying a rare and random bit of honesty during the travails of Hurricane Sandy. Lauding the President for doing… well, what he should be doing. Now Christie may have other motives…but he stepped up and said it. It was a McCain moment…like when McCain…live and in public, refused to dip into Trump-ish rhetoric…

    ..those moments are so rare…that I willstep up and mention them. More Republicans should follow that ethos.

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