The DNA of Social Change

Is finally coming to grips with homosexual unions something that we are inevitably geared for, even in the face of rigid opposition based on beliefs that stem from moral codes that fit a narrow frame of reference about our humanity?

“A mother and father.  There's nothing better for a child!”  proclaims a banner at   a rally to protest same sex marriage in France last year

“A mother and father. There’s nothing better for a child!” proclaims a banner at a rally to protest same-sex marriage in France last year

A massive march in France occurred this last Sunday to protest new President Francois Hollande’s proposal to legalize same-sex marriage as people of several faiths and diverse cultures, including some homosexuals, crowded the streets of Paris declaring that this was not an anti-gay march but one that claimed to be “pro-marriage”

Virginie Merle, an eccentric comedian known as Frigide Barjot, who is leading the so-called “Demo for All,” insists the protest is pro-marriage rather than anti-gay and has banned all but its approved banners saying a child needs a father and a mother to develop properly.

“We’re all born of a man and a woman, but the law will say the opposite tomorrow,” she said last week. “It will say a child is born of a man and a man.”

Avoiding religious arguments that could put off the secular French, they struck a chord with voters by stressing problems they saw emerging from same-sex marriage rather than letting the government shape the debate as an issue of equal rights only.    SOURCE 

As a heterosexual who firmly supports male-female relationships I am also a strong civil libertarian and I am not fully convinced by the arguments that the anti-gay voices give to their opposition of same-sex marriage.  Yes, calling this  a “pro-marriage” protest doesn’t eliminate the obvious fact that there are anti-gay sentiments with those who use such semantics.

Postulating that giving legitimacy to same-sex marriage will somehow turn nature on its head is both ludicrous and ignorant.  How else will children of gay couples interpret their existence?   Using virgin births as an  explanation won’t work for male same-sex couples and springing from the head of either partner like Athena was from Zeus just isn’t very plausible either.


But hyperbole is all you’ve got when you’re trying to conceal that this isn’t a protest against something that originates in the religious values you were raised in?  We all have been assured that God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.  Yet the origins of this dogma comes from some of the same sources that have deprecated women for centuries and devalued other cultures because they don’t share certain religious views.

There has indeed been a lot of studies that validate that children raised in stable two-parent families with a father and a mother adapt much easier to the culture they’re raised in.  The male figure role model exacts discipline and leadership while the female role model nurtures the child’s need for affection.  Both of course can provide elements of the other but their strengths lie is specific behavior patterns formed over time.

The key word here however is “stable” and without love and fair-mindedness a child raised without any of these traits will suffer, not benefit.  By citing certain problems that can arise if a child is raised by a same-sex couple ignores the reality that there are problems that can also arise and often do with heterosexual couples.  Presuming that the mere presence of opposite genders in a marriage is more likely to ensure a well-adjusted child is foolish.


A child reacts and thus develops to his social environment and if problems arise because a culture is antagonistic toward gays, is that problem the result of a biological certainty or an environmental factor that was manufactured out of set prejudices?  One is innate the other is learned.  One is fixed at birth the other is conditioned by codes and mores that change overtime as social structures transition and adapt.

I don’t disparage the values people were raised with.  It is important that certain standards be established to give us a feeling of coherence in an often chaotic world.  But these standards are malleable.  Insisting that they are unalterable truths is a denunciation of mankind’s ability to grow and adapt to changing circumstances.

There will always be those who will only leave their past screaming and clawing and social change that occurs too fast will create more problems than it solves.  Not all change is good but not changing at all is something our species is not conditioned to.  We need to find the right balance for necessary change because rigidly staying put will likely ensure our slow demise.

species change

11 responses to “The DNA of Social Change

  1. I hear several anti- gay marriage people, including the church, say that marriage is about procreation and propagating the species……does that mean that I should not be married? I am over 60 yrs old and do not intend on making more babies, so does that mean that I should not be allowed to marry, if I so choose?

    • Marriage is indeed about procreation but perhaps more so centuries ago than it is today. Today it’s as much about relationships and finding happiness with people we love as it is creating a family. Procreating relies on the opposite sexes having intercourse but it does not concern it self whether the partners are legally married to each other or not.

      I think the Church forgets that at one time when the early believers thought the EndTimes were just around the corner for them, Paul told them to not marry and instead to prepare for the expected rapture.

  2. I have to admit i find it hilarious that the most vocal opponents to gay marriage tend to be the religious far right who also tend to be the one’s protesting a woman’s right to choose, AND at the same time are the one’s protesting the government meddling in peoples business.

  3. there is no good argument against same-sex marriage that I have found and I’ve read fairly extensively about it. There are no studies that show that gay parents don’t provide just as well as straight parents. It’s loving the kid that counts. The rest is nothing but the crazy right and their insatiable need to find somebody else to blame for what ails them.

    • “The rest is nothing but the crazy right and their insatiable need to find somebody else to blame for what ails them.”

      That does seem to be at the core of their whining.

  4. Since I live in a state which has marriage rights, I can say that the overall impact has been … much ado about nothing. As far as I can tell, anyone whose marriage was doing well before it passed still has their marriage doing well, anyone whose marriage was in trouble is either divorced or still in trouble, and all the horrible terrible consequences that were thundered from the rooftops about it have turned out not to have happened.

    • The unfounded argument by the anti-gay crowd that same sex marriages threatens the sanctity of traditional marriage has never had any merit. Whatever diminishment occurs to traditional marriage is pretty much in the minds of those heterosexuals that oppose gay marriage, much like the all white country clubs or all men’s social clubs would suffer once gender and race exclusivity was eliminated.

  5. I feel that with over 7 billion people on this planet what are conservatives worried about too little procreation for. They are also against abortions and yet against supporting welfare mothers and children it seems they are constantly at odds with themselves between finance and religion.

    The philosophy of Christianity flies in the face of Capitalism because the goals of each are exactly opposite and yet most conservatives who profess a strong belief in capitalism proclaim to also be Christians. The Old Testament suggest to give 10 percent to support the high priest and yet the New Testament does not give any firm advice on Tithing except what Jesus gave to his disciples to literally give it all away and follow me.

    So why not allow people to marry who they want as long as it is another person who is able to make a choice. We criticize Islam for controlling too much of a person’s life and yet Christianity wants to do the same when it is none of their personal business.

    • Hey Dennis, good to hear from you. The parallel you make between anti-gay xians and and the Taliban is a good point and indicative of how some religious people have conflicting values. The notion that somehow marriage is a sacred institution is a creation of a people who are more bent on isolating themselves from others than they are about accepting each as “a child of God”.

      Same sex marriages that are built on love and trust and contribute to the collective well-being of society are not relationships we should fear or demonize but encourage. Ignorance of this unconventional union may understandably generate a certain amount of fear but dwelling on the fear rather than trying to understand it is a destructive pathology.

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