Friday Humor

Christians are funny people.  They believe in an unseen God and even agree among themselves that he answers them in their prayers to him.  But let someone say that have a personal line to the man and, well … let this experience with a candidate for the North Miami mayor’s seat speak to this last part


It’s traditional in politics, especially in pockets of the South where the culture is steeped in religion to convey to the voters that they hold “traditional Christian values” – an expression that is often code, telling voters that they are not a liberal Muslim socialist and that a “higher authority” guides their policy decisions, not the reality of grounded facts.

But clearly this candidate running for North Miami mayor has taken this tradition to a new level.  Claiming Jesus has endorsed her campaign is a game of one-upmanship that didn’t play out well with voters.  In a field of seven candidates Anna Pierre came in dead last with only 56 votes cast for her.  Think what would have happened had Jesus not been supporting her.


While bongos are seen supporting Anna Pierre here in an earlier photo, the support she claims she had from Jesus didn’t seem to help her candidacy for mayor

Ms. Pierre’s self-confidence is apparent in her on-line bio.  She has claimed to have overcome many obstacles in her life.  “I hate to hear ‘No’ she tells us.   “I refuse to let people tell me you can‘t do this, you can‘t do that because I am a woman, because of where I come from, or because I have a French name. It’s like putting fuel in my tank.  And full speed ahead.”

I think being a french-Haitian woman is the least of her worries. Everyone likes a rags-to-riches story, especially when achieved by minorities.  But should she choose to run again in the next election cycle someone might suggest using a more realistic endorsement.  It may have worked for Bush in 2000 but Anna Pierre didn’t have his great wealth and political connections in the Supreme Court.

17 responses to “Friday Humor

  1. OMG! yes, that was intended. I am going to say Jesus endorses all I do. Just cut out his picture on Google images and I am set to go. Do you think he can put a quote on my next book jacket? That should ensure sales, right? Very funny LB!

  2. Larry, you are very kind….funny people? I have found most of them are trying to escape reality…..I like it when they thank Jesus for a touchdown or a big business deal, etc….but I yet to hear one say that a car wreck is the doings of Jesus…..silly and unimaginative…..

    • I think most people who actually have some reservations about the Jesus/God thing but buy into it anyway are just hedging their bets for fear they might be wrong.

  3. Well, that kind of thing only works for rich white men from the South, who can buy His endorsement. I feel sorry for her. The real laughing stocks are the stupid men and women we’ve already put into office who got there by claiming all sorts of religious inspiration and justification for their stupid decisions.

    • She is indeed something of a pathetic character but if her bio is accurate you have to give her credit for enduring the way she has in what’s been a predominantly white male society.

  4. Is there no end to this silliness?

    I have an idea, Larry. I want you to run for office. Doesn’t matter what office. I’ll be your publicist. Our platform is that Veles, the Slavic God of musicians, wealth and trickery has personally requested you run.

    Serious, if you want to do it, I’m in!

  5. Friday humor? Jesus? The South? Ok…. I got one…
    13. Jesus walks into a bar

    Jesus walks into a bar down South and orders a glass of water, turns it into wine then sits at the end of the bar sipping his wine.
    In walks an Irishman with a clubfoot, he asks the bartender “Isn’t that the son o god ?”.
    The bartender says “yes”.
    So the Irishman tells the bartender to give Jesus another of whatever he’s drinking.
    Meanwhile, in walks a hunchback, spots Jesus at the end of the bar and asks the bartender “Isn’t that Jesus the son of God?”
    The bartender affirms it and the hunchback orders a drink for Jesus.
    Meanwhile, in walks a redneck cracker wearing a baseball hat sees Jesus at the end of the bar and asks the bartender ” Isn’t that God’s little boy down there ?”
    The bartender say it is and the redneck says “Wha hell give em a brew”
    When Jesus finished he went first to the clubfoot and touching him he says “For your kindness you are healed”
    He then touched the hunchback and said “For your kindness, you are healed”.
    As he approached the redneck with his hand extended, the redneck jumps out of the way yelling ” Get the hell away from me….!”!! I’m on disability!”

  6. It is childish to think that God cares about mundane human affairs such as baseball games or elections. It is not silly to choose to believe that there is something rather bigger than ourselves in the universe which loves simply and completely all that is. It may not be any particular person’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. I continue to be confused by why non-believers must attach “silliness” to all faith, simply because they have chosen not to have any. I don’t attach silliness to atheism. I find it rational and appropriate for some people to come to given their life histories. And Jimm, great little joke. I found it cute.

    • I don’t think its a matter of viewing “spirituality” as silliness Sherry. Just the fundamentalist types that insists that only they have the direct line to a specific one true God. I like the Wiccan moral approach in their creed that affirms “‘An it harm none, do what ye will’.

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