My Thanksgiving Wish For Us All


Give thanks today for those people in your lives who you least expected to help you in a crisis for doing so.  They may or may not have done it with a glad heart and it may have been just a momentary event, but in so doing they demonstrated that were are all made of the same material and are connected.  THAT, above all, is what we should keep telling ourselves each and everyday as we go about our lives.  Maybe then we’ll be less inclined to hurt others, allowing the joy of our existence to be more pronounced.

14 responses to “My Thanksgiving Wish For Us All

  1. A handjob for Thanksgiving? Well, I certainly would be thankful for one, but it’s not Thanksgiving here in Canuckistan. We did that last month. In my opinion, it’s much better. The added distance from the all-consuming, consumption-fest, laughably called Christmas helps preserve the sanctity of the holiday.

    Instead of the greed of Christmas, Thanksgiving is supposed to be a fall harvest celebration where people engage in the heresy of being thankful for who & what they have.

  2. Seems the Canucks have the right idea… it might also help with all the travel craziness. But in the meantime, wishing you and yours a delicious meal and lots to be thankful for.

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