Thursday Humor

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Headlines on my MSN Browser Sports Column This Morning

– Richard Sherman tees off on Tom Brady’s image 
Sporting News

– Deflated balls latest in Belichick’s reputation for guile

– Victoria’s Secret models play football (video) 
120 Sports

Now tell me that some men’s REAL fantasy football is more along the lines of that suggested in the third headline. Unfortunately it’s not what you think.  No mud and no skin.   So who wants to watch semi nude models for women’s under garments in full football dress play like bruisers?  Well compared to checking out Belichick’s “deflated balls”, I do

13 responses to “Thursday Humor

    • Since my Cowboys can’t be there I gotta root for the Seahawks too. If Seattle wins then by proxy – and wishful thinking – the Cowboys could have won the Super Bowl since we beat the Seahawks in the regular season. 🙂

  1. You know the game is WAY too over-managed when teams have their own balls. You know everything is taken FAR too seriously when people are actually paid to measure the pressure of the balls, as if they were evidence in a murder trial. If only actual criminal court cases (say, the Ray Rice domestic assault case) merited the kind of attention and scrutiny that a “2nd & 34 vs 2nd & 33” instant replay ruling in an NFL preseason game between the 2 worst teams in the league did.

    What the hell ever happened to sports being “fun”? The NFL is now a marathon (Boston?) of macho bravado, hyperbole, over-importance, “instant” replays and corporate hand jobs.

    • It appears Rugby has a more fluid scrimmage line to operate from than American football. This definitely has advantages and your fields look wider to run in too

  2. A rugby field is 70 m wide (77 yards). But for sheer, heartstopping excitement there is nothing to beat an international Rugby match, between say, Scotland and the All Blacks (that’s the New Zealand lot). The ABs always start with their Maori war chant the Haka, which makes the back of your neck prickle and makes you wonder why the other team bother showing up. This is them doing the haka against France: And the world cup is here next year!

    • That is a little intimidating. It’s similar to what a college football team here in the states does prior to a game with several of their members from the island of Samoa in the Pacific

      • Samoa and New Zealand do have very similar cultures. I sometimes think it would be a very good idea if I did the haka when I got up every morning – maybe not for everybody else in the house, though!

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