The Dilemma That Is Hillary Clinton

As a liberal I am four-square opposed to a Trump presidency but Hillary will get no free ride from those of us who know what she’s capable of.


“I contend that one may vote for [Hillary Clinton] but commit to exposing and condemning her record. In particular, those who vote for her have a moral obligation to women and children, especially those in Honduras, to tell the truth about her. Moral outrage compels us to break the silence.” – Ellin Jimmerson

These are the words of the author of an exposé on Hillary Clinton’s action as the new Secretary of State in 2009 under the newly elected administration of Barack Obama.  What Ms. Jimmerson is referring to here is the apparent complicity of Sec. of State Clinton in the military coup that overthrew the legitimately elected Honduran administration of Manuel Zelaya, a leftist who “put in place free education and meals for children, subsidies to small farmers, lower interest rates, and free electricity.”  Zelaya also  “supported a 60% raise in the minimum wage – to $213 per month for rural workers and $290 for urban workers … [and] pledged rural, indigenous farmers he would help them recover land rights.”

All of this was opposed by a handful of wealthy interests in the form of American, Honduran and multinational corporations.  They found eager support from the  “Millennium Challenge Corporation [MCC], a US foreign aid agency established by the US Congress under the George W. Bush administration” to the tune of $17 million, some surmise.  One of MCC’s strongest supporters in the U.S is the right-wing think tank, the Heritage Foundation, heavily funded by the Koch brothers.

Now I bring this to light so close to the elections not to serve as a deterrent to Hillary’s Presidential aspirations.  Actions like these and her support of international trade agreements that pander to corporate special interests are the actions that led me to support Bernie Sanders during the primary season.  Though my blood boils from such reprehensible actions, my physical state at the thought of a Trump presidency would be one of constant nausea, knowing full well that similar actions would likely occur in spades under this megalomaniac.

It should be made clear also to those who read this understand that this isn’t just a defect of Hillary Clinton’s.  This same action would have occurred under a McCain/Palin administration.  Perhaps some grace may be extended to the novice President and his equally novice Secretary of State, being susceptible to intimidation by powerful military forces within the U.S government and private interests out side the Beltway that support these kinds of coups.

Tufts University political scientist Michael J. Glennon has essentially said the same thing in his new book “National Security and Double Government,” – the double government being the one we elect and the one behind it, “steering huge swaths of policy almost unchecked. Elected officials end up serving as mere cover for the real decisions made by the bureaucracy.”

U.S foreign policy has been handled this way almost exclusively since the end of WWII which saw the growth of the CIA and the evolution of their partner in crime – the military-industrial complex.  Every administration since Truman have in some form or fashion followed the advice of the hawkish elements in our military and clandestine agencies.  But  even greater support for such illegal actions against sovereign nations are the corporate industries who invest in these countries to expunge their valuable resources with the intent of using that country’s low-to-no corporate tax structures for foreign investors while they benefit from the cheap labor forces there that forbid trade unions.  Their behind the scenes efforts are an intricate part of that huge swath of unchecked policy creation.

Traditional conservatives and liberals would oppose most if not all of these illegally sanctioned coups.  It is the neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies that are promoted by their various think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and the Center for American Progress that violate the concept of national sovereignty in favor of corporate interests.

My conservative friends want to point an accusing finger at politicians and government in general as the source of all our ills.   In my opinion however politicians are merely the water boys for wealthy special interest.  Many enter politics with established motives to serve capitalist interests over democratic ones, often thinking the two are one and the same.  Others who go into public service with good intentions often become corrupt by the money thrown their way from those who have an agenda and a bank account to make themselves heard over the common man and woman.  Promises of high-salaried jobs in large firms whose lobbyists got the most attention will reward their lackeys in Congress and state legislatures once they leave

Government is only as good as the people we elect to office and this year, our presidential choices from the two major parties are not likely to engender warm feelings of a government of, for and by the people.  Public service has to be a part of any elected official’s résumé.  Showing a canny ability to work through the political landmines they come face to face with is essential to hammer out policies that benefit the greatest number.

Trump has absolutely no public service experience nor has he shown any willingness to develop any.  Hillary on the other hand has the experience to achieve fair policies but has also shown an inclination to play favorites with powerful wealthy interests.   She is fortunate, I believe, that her adversary is such a blatant scoundrel.  Had a John Kasich/Marco Rubio ticket evolved from the GOP convention, my conscience would then allow me to vote for Jill Stein.

The GOP  base has made this election year a no-brainer for me, albeit an unpleasant one none-the-less.  As Ellin Jimmerson inferred at the top of this page I am committed to vote for Hillary thanks to an unthinkable Donald Trump alternative.  But I am also committed to exposing and condemning a record that supports wealthy special interests and exposes the powerless to harm.  Remaining oblivious to such acts is simply not an option any of us should allow.


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6 responses to “The Dilemma That Is Hillary Clinton

  1. Thank you for that, Larry. As a Canadian, and not having followed U.S. politics/politicians before tRump came along (well, only vaguely) I appreciate your explanation as to why there’s negativity about Clinton.

  2. “She is fortunate, I believe, that her adversary is such a blatant scoundrel. Had a John Kasich/Marco Rubio ticket evolved from the GOP convention, my conscience would then allow me to vote for Jill Stein.”

    John Oliver said it well. “When people say you don’t have to choose the lessor of two evils, they are right, because you have to choose the lessor of four.

  3. I know this is not very relevant to the topic, but I’ve been DYING to say this for the last 2 years. Hillary’s logo might be the worst possible logo for her to have used and was a harbinger of her “future success”.

    1) It’s the internationally recognized logo for a Hospital. Combining the Democrat’s colour and the hospital logo is just a little too close to “foreshadowing” if you ask me. Might as well adopt the slogan “Hillary: Because the Democrats are at Death’s door anyway”

    2) The Republican Red arrow to the right. If there was way to make her bad logo even worse, it would be to draw attention to the widely held perception of her as a corporate Democrat who sells out traditional Democratic values for personal power.

    Again, why not adopt a slogan like “Hey folks. Remember how corporate Democrats compromised our principles and moved the party to the right during the last couple decades? Hillary promises to do even more of that”

    With all her highly overpaid staff of “expert advisors” who analyze what every pant suit and every burrito topping “communicates to the voter”….not ONE of these geniuses could see this after 2 whole years of looking at that logo every day??? It’s no wonder she almost lost to a no-hoper like Bernie and was eventually beaten by a Twit Zone addicted orangutan running for a party that’s finished at the Presidential level.

      • Yes, Woodgate. You’re right as usual.

        However, since I was cheering for Bernie, I figured letting this slide during the Primaries would give him an advantage in the electoral subconscious….and it probably did. But after the nomination, I would have thought those “genius experts” getting paid 6-7 digits a year to determine what burrito toppings Hillary should order would have finally caught on to the subliminal self-harm caused by her logo. Then again, these same fucktards somehow figured out a way to lose a slam-dunk Presidential election to the fading Republicans….Well, you get what you pay for. Ha Ha.

        Besides, thanks to the ultra-shitty Internet (dis)service the cable monopoly in these here parts gives me, I’ve actually been entirely off-line for the last 4 months. (Did you feel the earthquake caused by the collective terrified shudder of Millennials wetting their pants at the mere thought of being disconnected from the Internet for longer than 4 seconds?) And other than your blog (& a couple others) I didn’t much miss it. Sure I missed looking up meaningless minutia about TV shows a few times. But after a few weeks, getting into pointless dung-throwing competitions with ignorant rednecks who live thousands of kilometres away from you loses its appeal.

        I’m back on-line now. But despite now having “the most state-of-the-art equipment”, my Internet (dis)service seems just as slow & just as unreliable as ever…but for $3.99 a month more!

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