The Trump Chronicles #5: The Schwein Meister Protesteth



In a recent speech to a crowd of his supporters in Orlando, President-elect Donald Trump essentially informed them that his campaign for the most part was a con job.

Without even a hint of his own responsibility in agitating all of his campaign crowds with expressions of hate towards Hillary, immigrants and Muslims, Trump suggested it wasn’t real and then he assigns blame for such savage remarks solely on his supporters.

“So here’s what I noticed: Four weeks ago, just prior to, and always prior to, you people were vicious, violent, screaming, ‘Where’s the wall? We want the wall!’ Screaming, ‘Prison! Prison! Lock her up!,'” Trumps said. “I mean, you are going crazy.”

This egotism is a hallmark of Donald John Trump the billionaire brought up in conditions that kept him  out of contact with the small people.  Then he proceeds to tell them, as if they were 5-year olds being addressed for throwing a tantrum, why that vitriol is no longer necessary because things are “different” now.

“Now you’re laid back, you’re cool, you’re mellow, right? You’re basking in the glow of victory!” Trump said.

The “lock her up” chants regarding Hillary are now to be dismissed because he had no intention to ever follow through with it in the first place.  He was merely saying what they wanted hear.  “Telling it like it”, as many of his supporters would claim.

“That plays great before the election.” he told the crowd. “Now, we don’t care, right?”

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.    Those of us who were certain that this mean, self-centered man would not win the election have always known that his words were not his oath – on anything.   His turn-around on “draining the swamp” was apparent as soon as he started selecting his cabinet.  His anti-Obama vilification that  depicted the current President as a Muslim and not an American citizen now calls Obama a “very good man” and plans on “being with [him] many more times.” 

There will of course be many of those who voted for Trump that will care less if he doesn’t attempt to prosecute Mrs. Clinton and are willing to forego the ugly campaign rhetoric at Trump rallies.  But there will be those with deep-seated hatred of Obama, fed red meat to them by Trump that will become enraged and continue to disparage not only Obama and Clinton, but all Democrats, liberals, Muslims, Hispanics, gays, trans-gender people and anyone who doesn’t fit a white-nationalist profile that was often given voice at Trump campaigns.   Their disappointment with Trump when he ignores their anger and rage will start to crack a coalition that came together under the Trump banner.

You can’t keep prodding and angry lion with a sharp tool to the point that they’re ready to eat your arm off and then expect them to defuse such raw, gut feelings by dismissing them as “cool” and “mellow”.

The megalomaniac that Trump is thinks that his ability to control small numbers of people he dealt with in his business will now play out the same way in the vast public scale that moved him into the oval office. Me thinks a rude awakening is lurking just beyond the horizon for a man who has no real knowledge of what troubles the common man and woman.

His ability to deal with a mutiny, should it occur, will have to be controlled by those he has surrounded himself with as he forms his administration.  His self-absorbed view of himself and his inherent volatility towards those that criticize him won’t be able to handle such a situation.  When that ugly side of him that was previously aimed at his adversaries starts shooting at his base, Trump’s aura will diminish and many who supported him will likely abandon the schwein meister in 2020

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