Trying To Make Horse Sense Out of the Horse Manure

Horse sense, n.:  Stable thinking.  ~Author Unknown


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Following the recent murder of two NYPD cops sitting in their patrol car, the right-wing media and their supporters went on a tirade about how anyone who had criticized white cops shooting unarmed black men were responsible for the deaths of those two cops.  At the top of their list are President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, the Reverend Al Sharpton and NY City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

It is the contention of these critics that when you emotionally agitate people by so-called suggestive comments then you are only asking for someone who is emotionally unbalanced to find a representative of those allegations and blow them away to mete out justice in a way that only a depraved individual can react.

I’m glad right-wing media pundits have finally conceded what proponents of sane gun control measures have been suggesting for some time now.   Anger and outrage broadcast over the airwaves can influence mentally unstable people to react violently.

There has never been any valid study to verify a causation but many proponents for sane gun control have demonstrated correlations between easily accessible guns in this country and gun deaths perpetrated by mentally unstable people.  Staunch 2nd amendment advocates who oppose any and all gun control agree that mental health cases are a factor in mass shootings but avoid the connection between mental health and easy access to guns.  But maybe that’ll change now.

None-the-less, this point seems oblivious to those who are too eager to blame Al Sharpton and others who have raised legitimate concerns about police shootings of unarmed young black men.  If there is indeed a connection between vitriolic public statements aimed at certain people followed by gun violence toward them, how wise is it to make audacious claims that have no merit merely to curry favor with a targeted audience?

So can we now add the shooter of the two policemen, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, to the list of people like Amanda and Jerad Miller, Jared Loughner, James Holmes, Adam Lanza, Seung-Hui Cho, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, to name a few?    Can we also begin to address the serious mental health issues this country faces in conjunction with its easy access to the deadliest weapons used in mass killings?

Probably not.  Hypocrisy always serves to conceal the broader reality.

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Not all people with serious mental health issues are mass murderers but most all mass murderers have serious mental health issues.

NOTE: Though I wrote this piece on December 23rd I withheld it at the time vowing earlier to stay off my blog until after the holidays.  I decided to go ahead and release this earlier than planned before the news grows stale and to show that this line of thinking was already being posted by at least one writer at The Nation.

Social Movements Didn’t Kill the NYPD Officers. A Man With Untreated Mental Illness and a Gun Did.

6 responses to “Trying To Make Horse Sense Out of the Horse Manure

  1. One of the things I distinctly noted was that most of the right-wing media was eager to blame everyone else for the shooter’s action, which was a contrast from their denial of any blame when the shooter of police happens to be … white.

    • Its the way that the ideologues on the right try to cover their asses. They ought to name a dance for the moves they make shifting back and forth from one position on an issue to another

  2. Forget the buying of guns for a moment. Simple logic dictates that the easier it is to grab & use the gun you already own, the more likely you are to do something stupid with it, especially when in the kind of emotional state the vast majority of people are in when they commit murder. If the emotional state is allowed to subside, the risk diminishes.

    For example, if your gun is in the same box in the attic as the shitty, cat themed, Christmas gifts your crazy mother-in-law buys you every year and the ammo is stored in the garage under piles of “smart” phones you stupidly buy every year….you are FAR far less likely to shoot a dinner guest for saying “I’m in favour of gun control” than if your gun was sitting loaded next to the bun on your bread plate. (Note to gun owners: Throwing the bun is a better long-term option than using the gun. “Bun not gun!”)

    Likewise, if every gun was trigger-locked to open only after winning the computer home-game version of Jeopardy, there would be almost no gun violence aside from guns thrown out of frustration. Gun related crimes would fall off the map. Despite what Hollywood makes us believe, the overwhelming majority of criminals are complete imbeciles. There is virtually no such thing as a “criminal mastermind”. (Well, except for those currently working on Wall Street.) As such, the irrational fear of crime that drives gun sales would also diminish.

    In fact, if gun nuts had to display any level of intelligence before being able to fire a gun, the entire problem might solve itself. Would-be criminals and gun nuts might exercise their brains to the point where gun use becomes silly to them and far better conflict resolution alternatives, job alternatives, more productive hobbies, etc begin to present themselves. Weapon manufacturers would be a mere shadow of themselves and the NRA would essentially cease to exist. If that were to happen, then the entire gun-loony culture would collapse upon itself.

    That would be so great even I might crack a snarky, ironic, smile.

      • I’d say such a gun-lock would shrink gun deaths from over 30,000 a year to about 30 a year. Bun deaths, however, would go up significantly.

        But you just know those open carry fucktards would react by putting their guns on their bread plates during holiday meals and just dare relatives to say something about it. Just like those iDiot assholes who never let go of their damn “smart” phones already do.

        Come the New Year, both Apple stores and gun shops will be beset by their addicted customers. They’ll be pleading to have the butter induced damage to their “whole entire life” repaired. Too bad there aren’t any shops that repair brains.

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